Sunday, 28 October 2012

Feeding Singaporeans with half the story

Careless shit smear attempt yet again

Singaporean mum, M, sent me these extracts over whatsapp without any captions or comments. Probably wanted an opinion. Well, if you read this blog often enough, you'll know how to decipher the real message from a shit laced rag by now. I'll do the job for you again. In future though, you guys gotta learn how to do it yourself. I had to squint to read part of the article, M could have done a better job with her screenshots. Fortunately a few paragraphs were enough to reveal what shitty rag was up to.

The main gist of the article was to impress Singaporeans, especially the young budding ones, that Singapore is the best place to be and tried to justify it by attaching a graph entitled : FEWER HEADING DOWN UNDER. (above) The entire piece was focussed on economic reasons such as better job opportunities, higher wages, raising Aussie dollar and if all these puzzling enough, the last one took the cake: better outreach by the Singapore government. In short, Shitty Times is saying, "Less Singaporeans wants to get out and less Singaporeans wants to stay out."

This typical standard of lazy journalism pulls the wool over the average Singaporean's eyes but it doesn't fool me. For a start, since when did outreach by the Singapore government became a deciding factor of emigration? Tell me how does this sound, "I thought of migrating to Australia but have changed my mind because there has been better outreach by the Singapore government." Are you kidding me? At least Steven Spielberg bothered to covered the zips of his dinosaurs suit props in Jurassic Park so they looked at least half convincing. Well, we beg you to at least try, Shitty Times.

The analist (who preferred to be known as a journalist) did not even have a basic idea of the motivations behind a Singaporean's application for an Australian PR Visa. Most Singaporeans migrate to Australia due to lifestyle factors. Economic factors no doubt, hold some weight but they do not even constitute for 50% of the motivation to move. Likewise, these would not be half the reasons why Singaporeans chose not to, as the article suggested. Besides, are job opportunities and wages better in Singapore? They can say anything that they want. The truth is out there.

Think about it, if opportunities are aplenty in Singapore, with bad economic sentiments looming in Europe and the US, will overseas Singaporean students will be attracted back to Singapore not just from Australia but all over the world? You bet they will. And you can bet your last dollar Shitty Times will be putting charts on front page declaring how preferred Singapore is to the rest of the world. 

But they didn't, because they couldn't. They couldn't because it isn't the truth. The only pathetic chart they could get that seemed to fit into their propaganda is this:

All the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship indicated was the number of PR Visa granted to Singaporeans. The chart clearly show a decline since 2005, plunging sharping from 2006. No lies here. Shitty Times used this cleverly in their favour to push their propaganda across, citing less Singaporeans want to head to Australia due to the economic reasons they published.

The truth: On the Australia side,

Australia decided to cut back on immigration in 2006

From 2006, Australia implemented tightening measures of their immigration policies year on year. By 2010, international students were no longer automatically be eligible to apply for a Australia PR visa after they complete their studies. By 2012, skilled visa applicants can only submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and be eligible to apply only if they are invited. [link].

The truth from the chart is, less Australia PR Visas were granted to Singaporeans not because Singaporeans deem Australia as an inferior location for work and play but that it has been getting increasingly tougher to get into Australia. It proved nothing but the effectiveness of Australia's tightening of migrant entry. 

While Shitty Times is relentlessly spouting half truths and subtle lies, our Malaysian friends chose to tell a fairer version of the story in their website:

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