Tuesday, 11 September 2012

By now, this blog is one year old. For the past year, I wrote quite extensively on migration topics. Any wonder why you have never read this here before? Answer is simple. The reasons why Singaporeans migrate are pretty much the same as why any other people migrate from their own countries. People migrate for different reasons around the main four categories, namely

Economic migration
Moving elsewhere to find work, business or follow a particular career path

Social migration
Moving somewhere for a better quality of life or to be closer (or further for some) to family or friends

Political migration
Moving elsewhere due to unrest, war or for some, to be away from millionaire idiots running their country and other whatnots

Environmental migration
For want of better environment to the current

So as you can see, no matter what personal reason any Singaporean emigrate to another country, it revolves around these main branches. There isn't really a lot to discuss about. The post was manifested from guilt. For the past year, very often I noticed quite a lot of people bumped into a post I created a long time ago. [link]

To illustrate

For some reasons, the keywords of the title of the post somehow misled these poor folks to an article that doesn't carry the information they were looking for. So after trolling innocent Singaporeans for a year, I decided to make amends and create a post that they are actually searching for. Like they say, redemption is never too late. So how do we know why Singaporeans migrate? Easy, ask the Singaporeans who migrated. That was what I did.

In the first place, why would anyone wants to know why Singaporeans migrate? Well, with the exception of the OSU, it is probably nobody's business to find out about these things. Yet, I've noticed so many keyword searches on "why singaporeans migrate" over the months. Not that I was really bothered to be honest, for anyone has the freedom to search for whatever they like. I'm just curious what was running through the mind of the person doing the search. It doesn't make sense to me any individual would want to know. Migration is after all a personal thing and it differs largely from individual to individual. A man's meat is another's poison.

Vibrant shopping culture is widely considered as a pull factor of Singapore, but it may very well be someone else's push factor. Some love a slower pace work environment, the others find it too boring and not dynamic enough. While some find it stressful in Singapore, some relish the challenges. You may hate the COE, but someone else may love it for its increasing exclusiveness. There'll be a side who loves the extremes of the 4 seasons and the other loving the more stable weather throughout the year. Not to say some who love Kangaroos and Koalas, and others prefer Pandas. Some migrate due to marriage commitments, some migrate for the children's needs. Some migrate to run away from reality. Some migrate to run away from Ah Longs. 

So if an individual wants to find out why his countrymen and women migrate, he is gazing at the wrong direction. Google would not lead him to the answers. It is also pointless. For the answers ultimately lies in his own heart. He knows it better than anybody else.